Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Finished - a Negroni that will blow your mind....

I wish that I could attach a little sound bite to this post. I feel it deserves a little electric guitar lick - just a few notes; it's that kind of garment.....

It's glamping and festival time at Chez Tragic, which can only mean one thing - a novelty shirt for the husband. Before Christmas I was perusing the internet looking for homoerotic cowboy fabric (as one does) when I happened upon Voodoo Rabbit, a fabric store based in Brisbane, specialising in rockabilly, vintage reproduction and Day of the Dead fabrics. My beloved was perusing over my shoulder, and an Alexander Henry design called Mindblowers caught his eye. This, my friends, is what happens when men go fabric shopping.....

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Finished - A fair proportion of Vogue 8901 in chambray, plus umbrella

It's the first frock of the year - and proof that I can still (pretty much) fit and make a woven bodice AND install an invisible zip. I was beginning to wonder amidst all my slacker 'repeat offender' and 'knits knits knits' sewing of 2014 whether I had it in me. Apologies for the creases. I'd been wearing this much of today and braved our mini monsoon to duck outside for some quick pics. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

MMXIV - an epic post for an epic year.....

I do love me a wrap up, a retrospective, and generating some exceedingly unimportant statistics and pie-charts. I found my end-of-winter navel gazing post to be very helpful in identifying how to make better choices with my self-made wardrobe, and I am very much enjoying learning what has been successful and not-so-much in the worlds of other sewists' this year.

I love this hobby so much. There's no doubt in my mind that I have moved beyond mild obsession with fabrics and sewing - it is a truly entrenched way of life for me now. Here's a (fairly accurate) pie-chart of my current life:

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Finished - Dolores Batwing Top

Hello lovelies! How is the week before Christmas treating you all? It's reasonably well controlled chaos at Chez Tragic - I've only committed to making a few easy gifts, but I had myself a little freakout when I realised that I had to get this post up in the next week and a half! I was lucky enough to win a copy of So Zo's Dolores Batwing pattern a few months ago, and the only request Zoe had for the winners was to have the review up before the end of the year....

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Finished - Vintage Wrap Skirt - Simplicity 7359

This skirt is all about the pockets. The humble wrap skirt rates pretty low on the scale of exciting makes, so I was keen to use a pattern that was just a little more special than most. Last year Jillian made a gorgeous skirt using vintage Simplicity 7359 and I was smitten. After incessant wrap skirt pattern research I knew it was the one for me so I tracked it down on Ebay and we are living together happily ever after.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Finished - shorts. SHORTS! Jimmy shorts to be specific......

My friends I'm on that fools errand again. Shorts. I'm trying to crack the little sartorial nut that eluded me last summer - the perfect shorts. Stylish shorts. Cute shorts. Shorts that didn't cut me in half in all the wrong places. I've put aside the Colette Iris pattern for now due to an inability to make the crotch curve work for me. I tried 3 other patterns last year, all failures, and swore that this was the summer I'd give the Grainline Maritime shorts a try. And I will, but after Katy's glowing report of the free Jimmy shorts pattern from Fine Motor Skills (download them here from Burda) I just had to give it a try first. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Finished - Sailors Top and Elise Tee

As we approach summer I've been trying to plug some wardrobe gaps, and one of those gaps was a few new t-shirts. I know making basics like tees can be a bit boring and many would rather spend that sewing time on something more interesting, which I understand, absolutely. But right now I just can't bring myself to buy them. I'm just so sick of poor quality, badly made, off grain t-shirts. And I'll be honest - I'm too tight to spend cash on a crappy t-shirt when I can make one myself for a quarter of the price....

Today I'm sharing two new tees, plus some patterns I'd like to try (if I hadn't promised my beloved that I wouldn't buy any more fabric before Christmas.....).

First is Marilla Walker's free Sailors Top, available to download from here. It's a very simple square tee (or can be extended into a dress), one size, with some interesting neckline and sleeve gusset details. I ended up leaving the sleeves and sleeve gussets off - I just couldn't get mine to look as nice as Marilla's, and in the end realised the sleeveless version would be more suited to the Australian summer anyway.